On the Fence?

Still on the fence about attending THE CREATIVE CONNECTION? Wouldn’t it help to talk to someone who went last year?  Well you’re in luck!  Our In Your Words”  is a glimpse into the experience of some of the attendee’s had last year. 

Check out this video for a peek into last year’s event. I could watch this over and over, it was such an amazing time. 


Did you go last year?  We’d love for you to add your experience to “In Your Words”.  You can send your thoughts to Paige at  paige@wherewomencreate.com

Did you enter our amazing giveaway?  We’re giving away 2 free passes plus hotel.  

Written by Kim Demmon ~ Today’s Creative Blog

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10 Responses to On the Fence?

  1. taradara says:

    That was very cool! It was so nice to see everyone’s familiar faces there! Even my BFF, Holly!!!! Yay Holly!!! Hope to see everyone again this year!!!

  2. Jandy Warner says:

    I’d like to attend the Creative Connection Event to learn new creative techniques. I’d take my friend Pam because she’s shown me so many good things about crochet and knitting.

  3. meg says:

    new reader here, excited about the newsletter and the giveaway! visit me also at chandeluse on etsy!

  4. Linda R says:

    I would LOVE to attend The Creative Connection. My friend Joy and I have dreamed and schemed about being enough, living and loving our lives, about creating and sharing, so many ideas, so many brainstorming sessions. We need something like Creative Connection to get us to the next level – being with like minded women, those who have made it and those on the way. We unfortunately don’t live close enough to be together as much as we’d like so this would be an awesome gift that neither of us could afford. Minnesota is pretty close so it’s definitely doable with some help. Fingers crossed – maybe it’s our turn? hugs to you for offering the opportunity.

  5. Linda R says:

    I’ve tweeted @designsbylindar

  6. Linda R says:

    I have liked and loved you on Facebook!

  7. Elise says:

    Hell yes, i want set down in gloomy and white something like this but didnt get time, may i repost this On the Fence? | The Creative Connection

  8. Andrea Bass says:

    I am just starting out on my creative business journey, and the Creative Connection event in Minneapolis is something that would be so awesome to attend!! All these inspiring women and amazing speakers, classes and market! I would bring my artistic and creative friend, Sue. She has great ideas and we really would have fun immersing ourselves in the creative vibe!!! I have my fingers crossed and toes, too!!

  9. What a great video! I really hope I can make it this year! This conference looks AMAZING!

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