12 Days of Christmas

We hope you’ve been watching the Where Women Create blog.  Paige has been busy as a bee organizing and running the most amazing 12 Days Of Christmas.  Although it ended yesterday for winning some of those fabulous prizes, I thought you’d love to check out some of the sites that sponsored such great gifts. where women create

As stated many times, supporting handmade is so important in the creative industry. The gifts are usually always more appreciated.  I know I love handmade gift.

 More ideas for a “handmade holiday” from our Market Place vendor list.  This list is full of handmade goodness.  Original ideas and gifts. 

Do you make your gifts?  Do you buy handmade? It’s always fun to learn what others make or do.  Please share. 

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Handmade Experience

Amy Barickman

Amy has been involved with TCC both years.  She is the owner and inspiration behind The Vintage Workshop and Indygo Junction.  We thought we’d share one of Amy’s latest posts about The Handmade Experience.  I think she sums it up nicely.amy barickman the handmade connection

These were words spoken in a panel discussion at the Creative Connection Event this past September, and attests to the fact that more and more people are understanding the great value of handcrafted goods and personal connections to our work. This sentiment is — I believe — at the heart of the DIY “Revolution”. In the handmade market, the buyer and the seller often experience a connection over the purchased item. The buyer knows the seller created his or her work because of an authentic interest, which also adds to the experience. With the trendiness of upcycling and refashioning, the materials themselves might even have a back story all their own — adding to an even deeper experience.

 You can learn more about Amy on her blog or websites.

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Screen Printing

I’ve had handmade gifts on my mind……..Shopping for holiday gifts is more fun when you can buy handmade and you know it’s PERFECT for the person you’re buying it for.  

While at the handmade market, I bought this pillow from one of our vendors, Celina Mancurti.  I fell in love with her screen prints. I had intended on giving this pillow away as a gift……but had decided to keep it by the time I got it back to my hotel room.  I love it!  Can you blame me?  Just look at it!  It’s perfect for my chair. I also love that buying it directly from the artist, knowing she made it, designed it and probably loved it as much as I did.  etsy shop

Celina and her husband are an adorable couple from Argentina who have built a their business with beautiful linen items.  I wanted one of everything.  I am happy to know they have an etsy shop!  Her style is clean, simple and perfect!  Her style makes me happy!

Celina Mancurti is an Argentinean textile designer living in the U.S.A. After having worked in the textile and fashion industry for more than 10 years she left the industry world to follow her passion for textiles and to work on her own home collection that reflects her lifestyle. Her story is told with her beloved screen printing, the unique designs and eco-friendly fabrics and notions she uses”

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Holiday Handmade

Heading into the holiday season, we are suddenly building and marking off our gift giving list.  We hope you’ll fill  some of those stockings with handmade gifts either from yourself or from handmade shop owners. 

While working at the conference, we had the help of many volunteers.  We couldn’t have pulled off such a fabulous event without them.  It’s always fun to get to know them and what creative talents they have.  I met Sue while working the Registration desk.  We were so busy, I didn’t get a chance to ask her what she liked to create. 

Once home, she contacted me about the Creative Holiday Gift Guide I offer on Today’s Creative Blog.  I about fell over when I saw her table runners.  I quickly ordered 2.  I LOVE them, and I have them both on my Thanksgiving table as I type.  I am in love with her whimsical sketched stitching.  When I received her package, she also added one of her canvas ribbons for gift wrapping.  What a great idea!  I may wrap my own gift with this so I can keep it.   If you’d like to see more of her talents, you can visit her Etsy shop, Raccoon Studios.

These kinds of gifts are always so much more exciting than something bought at a big box department store.

So, do you make holiday gifts?  If so, what?  We’d love to hear.


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The Toymaker

Another wonderful person I was thrilled to have met at TCC was Marilyn Scott-Waters………aka. The Toy Maker!  She was one of our teachers for the event.

Cindy (skip to my lou) and I were waiting for our shuttle to the airport on that early Sunday morning.  The conference was over and I was exhausted, I should have known my departure would be just as exciting as the rest of the conference.  While waiting, we struck up a conversation with another fellow conference attendee.  I thought she looked familiar and I was right when she told us her name.  Cindy was very excited to meet her and quickly told her how much she LOVED her handmade toys and that she and her sons have made many in years past.  So even though our meeting was brief, it was so nice to get to know the artist behind The Toymaker. 

She has a couple of new books out.  These may be perfect holiday gifts or perhaps something to pick up to keep the kiddo’s busy. 

She also has a blog and a website.  The website has a HUGE listing of all the different toys you can download and print off. 

I was looking at the Seasonal listings and found some pretty cute Thanksgiving patterns.  I may be stuck on her site for days!


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Traveling with Art

One of the things I loved about TCC, was the handmade market.  You get the chance to buy directly from the artist.  The merchandise is original, happy and it feels good to be supporting the little guy and not a big box department store.

One of that items I purchased is what has become my favorite travel mug.  I not only love the design, but it makes me happy to know that I bought it directly from Leigh herself.

I leave my home very early 5 days a week to teach injury prevention classes for the City of Portland.  I drink my coffee in my car, so having a good travel mug is essential.  Having a cute one with meaning on top of that just makes the early morning more bearable.

You’ve probably seen Leigh’s work.  Her whimsical style is hard to miss.  She actually designed the poster art for TCC last year.  I am kicking myself for not picking one up. 

Leigh has a way with words. I always think she made everything just for me to read.  

The world is full of people who will go their Whole lives and not actually Live one day.  She did not intend on being one of them.

You can see more of Leigh’s work on her site, Curly Girl Designs.


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Extra Class Kits from TCC!

Remember when I mentioned that the fine folks at Big Picture had some left over class kits?   I now have direct links for those!  These could make great holiday gifts!

When I see you Kit


Button Tufted Family Tree Kit

When they’re gone, they’re gone!  These are the same kits that people took at TCC.  WOW!

Did you enter to win Jo’s latest book? Deadline is Saturday, Nov 5th, 5:00pm pst.

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Celebrate- Giveaway!

CELEBRATE!  Book Giveaway!

Moving towards the holidays, you may be starting to think of all the gifts you need to purchase.  There are probably a couple of people on your list that you’d love to give something unique, special………something full of thought. 

Jo usually isn’t one to toot her own horn, but I’ll be happy to toot it for her.  She has written yet another amazing book.  Her books make the perfect gift for those who appreciate a creative living, whether it’s through sewing, cooking, crafting or any of the other mediums. 

Her latest book is just as spectacular as the ones before. 

Where Women Cook: Celebrate!: Extraordinary Women & Their Signature Recipes.

In this hardcover book, Jo shares some of her favorite creative women and their favorite recipes.  This is definitely a book you’ll be thumbing through all 175 pages over and over.

CELEBRATE make a great gift for all women in all stages of life.

If you’d like to enter to win a copy, please enter a comment below. 

Written by Kim Demmon~ Today’s Creative Blog. 

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Art is Powerful

Letters are still trickling in.  Proof that the magic really did happen during THE CREATIVE CONNECTION. 

One of our scheduled events was a book signing.  We had several authors amongst us including the young and amazing 12 year old Olivia Bouler.  She was there to sign autographs in her new book, “Olivia’s Birds Saving the Gulf”

Olivia is proof that your creative drive can make a difference.  When the Gulf oil spill happened, Olivia jumped into action, contacting the Audubon society and offering to use her art work to help with the clean up efforts.  Her campaign to help save the birds has brought in over $20,000 in donations.

Having her at TCC was inspiring to everyone around her.  We were thrilled to receive this note from her father. 

“We knew the TCC convention was going to be terrific.. but, the actual event surpassed our expectations.  Olivia met several  other Sterling authors (whom we have not met before), and we are working on collaborative book projects with two writers that we met!  Also, Olivia was approached by someone to market her art and designs…. and she is being interviewed by an art and design magazine (who was filming artists and writers at the event).  All of these things happened at the conference.  You can bet we will be back next year!”
Olivia Bouler, 12 year old author of:  “Olivia’s Birds:  Saving the Gulf” and her father, James Bouler
How do you use your art?
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Where Women Create Giveaway!

Have you seen the giveaway we’re having over at Where Women Create?

Holy Smokes!  This prize giveaway will keep you in creative bliss for months!

  • A year subscription to Where Women Create AND Where Women Cook magazines (ERV $160)
  • A $100 Visa gift card
  • A TCC Swag bag filled with $200 worth of FABULOUS crafty goodness, including the brand new, HOT OFF THE PRESS, Where Women Cook Celebrate! book, a Where Women Create paper weight (created just for us by the amazing Jill Schwartz), a TCC necklace custom made by The Vintage Pearl and an exclusive TCC/WWC T-shirt! 
  • An assortment of fabric from Riley Blake
  • A complete set of Hot Glue Gun Helpers from Cathie Filian
Enter on the Where Women Create Blog by leaving a comment!  That’s it!  There are also ways to rack up a few extra entries as well.  They are all listed there.  You have a couple of days before the deadline……….
Over $550 in prizes!!!
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