Your Art is a gift.

After throwing such a huge event, it’s always a pleasure to hear from people who attended.  This is our reward.  This note made Jo’s day.   This note is also a great reminder that hand written notes on self generated art is always a gift.

Another wonderful item we want to share is Jo’s new book. 

Where Women Cook! 

It’s being released this week!  Jo writes fabulous books!  I was just thumbing through my own copy of Where Women Create yesterday.  She has an eye for delight, that’s for sure.  Lark Crafts did a wonderful write up we think you’ll enjoy.

What are you cooking or creating today?


Written by Kim Demmon~ Today’s Creative Blog

2 Responses to Your Art is a gift.

  1. joanna says:

    totally agree with homemade art as the best gift. its sad that we’ve replaced our creativity with store bought items or $$.

  2. robin says:

    That looks like a neat book. :) Wonder if my local library has it. Hmmm…

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