Traveling with Art

One of the things I loved about TCC, was the handmade market.  You get the chance to buy directly from the artist.  The merchandise is original, happy and it feels good to be supporting the little guy and not a big box department store.

One of that items I purchased is what has become my favorite travel mug.  I not only love the design, but it makes me happy to know that I bought it directly from Leigh herself.

I leave my home very early 5 days a week to teach injury prevention classes for the City of Portland.  I drink my coffee in my car, so having a good travel mug is essential.  Having a cute one with meaning on top of that just makes the early morning more bearable.

You’ve probably seen Leigh’s work.  Her whimsical style is hard to miss.  She actually designed the poster art for TCC last year.  I am kicking myself for not picking one up. 

Leigh has a way with words. I always think she made everything just for me to read.  

The world is full of people who will go their Whole lives and not actually Live one day.  She did not intend on being one of them.

You can see more of Leigh’s work on her site, Curly Girl Designs.


Written by Kim Demmon – Today’s Creative Blog

19 Responses to Traveling with Art

  1. Renee Mak says:

    Great post… I love Leigh’s work too! And am STILL thinking about all the fabulous things I experienced at TCC!

  2. Lisa Marie says:

    This is my first visit to this blog and I enjoyed reading the posts. Especially liked the earlier post about young Olivia. That girl is amazing!

  3. Sandy N says:

    Love that mug! Leigh has some great things on her site.=)

  4. Kathy says:

    I also like the WWC blog. Thanks.

  5. Connie says:

    What a beautiful travel mug and what a neat saying on it!

  6. JustPam says:

    I work from home and appreciate my coffee cup too.

  7. Annmarie says:

    This is my first visit to TCC – there sure is alot going on. Put you in my favorites. Going to come back often to see what’s up.

  8. Angie says:

    What a sweet mug!

  9. Lori-Marie says:

    I am here from WWC!
    Those mugs are adorable! :)

  10. Debra L says:

    Leigh has some amazing work!

  11. Mom C says:

    I’m not sure where I am but I clicked and here I am. If I’m entering the Go! baby giveaway, great. If not, I enjoyed scrolling through your blog so it was time well spent. Thanks.

  12. Deb says:

    I love buying handmade from the maker, too – every big vacation we go on I try to come home with a piece of hand-made jewelry. Unfortunately, it’s harder and harder to find hand-made instead of Made in Taiwan even outside the souvenier shops.

  13. I love Curly Girl’s designs, always have. The travel mug you chose must bring a smile to your face each morning. That’s what good handmade art and design should do, and Curly Girl definitely accomplishes that w/their products.

  14. Pam Fairchild says:

    Would love to win the Webster’s Pages set, thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Jeanne says:

    I so like TCC So many ideas and inspiration. Thanks for being here.

  16. Lauren says:

    How great is that quote?! You said it Kim, with how you feel as if each word is written especially for you. I love that and might just take this quote and internalize it!

  17. Kim Deacon says:

    Love it, I need one of those. I will check out her site!

  18. Christine says:

    I love this quote and the way it’s presented! So neat!

  19. susan salyer says:

    There are muses and there are inspirational angels..your art is a collision of the awesome both.wonderfully potent mental whirlwinds of joy.

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