Megan Jordan

BlogHer Moderator-Content & Community Building – Building Community Around Craft

Megan Jordan parents and writes by the same clear principle: the beauty is in the threadbare. “Relish the Velveteen. Revel in the Threadbare.” underscores her personal blog, Velveteen Mind. Her literary magazine, Story Bleed Magazine, aches for you to discover yourself where the lines between our stories bleed together, unexpectedly resonating. Mother to three, her balance and perspective make her a sought-after voice in the parenting community, at top social media conferences, and for influential consulting projects. Her approach to integrated marketing in social media has generated solid case studies that are modeled almost immediately. Writing from Gulfport, Mississippi, Megan infuses her writing with depth as rich as mud in the bayou and humor bold as blackened shrimp. Megan is working on a book about resilience and our cumbersome blessings.