Julie Cove

For the past 19 years as an interior designer, Julie Cove has been celebrated as the Martha Stewart of Victoria. As owner of one of the most-loved home decor stores on Vancouver Island, Julie has helped thousands discover how to create beautiful spaces. Julie loves sharing her knowledge of design and do-it-yourself creations, and has been a popular speaker and workshop leader on the West Coast for 20 years. Appearing as a regular design expert on TV, hosting her own radio show, Island Lifestyles, and writing for a variety of magazines as well as a blog, Julie has a unique gift as a teacher and instructor—inspiring her “students” to be creative, innovative, and to do it with passion! Julie’s design work has been featured in magazines, and she’s been the creative force behind several successful home tours and special events. Julie also has a passion for giving back. She uses her love of design and creativity as a way to raise thousands of dollars for community charity groups.

This award-winning designer is excited to take on her new passion: marrying beauty and creativity with healthy living. After a health crisis, Julie was forced to pour her creative energy into discovering everything she could about nutrition, exercise, and healthy living. She discovered an abundance of information on health, but a lack of innovative healthy recipes. Given her sincere appreciation for creativity and food, this inspired Julie to make healthy living more desirable, beautiful, and delicious to others. Her blog features health tips and delicious recipes, beautifully styled with her own vivid photography. Julie’s passion is to inspire a healthy lifestyle for everyone–especially busy crafting moms!

Web: www.alkalinesisters.com
Twitter: @Alkalinesisters