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Amy Turn Sharp

Panelist-Creating Community Through E-Commerce

BlogHer Panelist-Growing Your Reach (Beginning)-Using Content and Community to Grow Your Reach

Amy Turn Sharp is the wood queen of Little Alouette, an organic wooden toy shop she runs alongside her master carpenter husband, Joe. Their sweet little toys are all over the world now, from tiny boutiques to American Eagle 77 Kids shops. Even Martha Stewart thought Alouette’s toys were fabulous and extended an invitation to the shop to sell wee wood toys in NYC last holiday season at a private event.

Amy is a mother of three from Columbus, Ohio, who tracks her life on doobleh-vay blog, and has at least seven projects brewing all the time. She really wants to have an essay aired on NPR in the next two years. Amy LOVES online connections and helping other women find rooms of their own. She likes radishes, bookshops, and chicken korma. She is a Kirtsy.com and StoryBleed editor, in addition to a freelance writer who regularly contributes to sites like Alphamom.com and Scoutiegirl.com. She works with women all over the country teaching on the topic of social media. Amy also runs creativity workshops with local children and was named “One of the 50 Top Etsy Moms” by Babble.com in 2010. She has spoken at numerous conferences, including BlogHer, Blissdom, Mom2.0, Kirtsy HOSB, Chicks Who Click, and many other amazing local venues.

Web: www.amyturnsharp.com
Blog: http://doobleh-vay.blogspot.com/
Twitter: @amyturnsharp