Handmade Experience

Amy Barickman

Amy has been involved with TCC both years.  She is the owner and inspiration behind The Vintage Workshop and Indygo Junction.  We thought we’d share one of Amy’s latest posts about The Handmade Experience.  I think she sums it up nicely.amy barickman the handmade connection

These were words spoken in a panel discussion at the Creative Connection Event this past September, and attests to the fact that more and more people are understanding the great value of handcrafted goods and personal connections to our work. This sentiment is — I believe — at the heart of the DIY “Revolution”. In the handmade market, the buyer and the seller often experience a connection over the purchased item. The buyer knows the seller created his or her work because of an authentic interest, which also adds to the experience. With the trendiness of upcycling and refashioning, the materials themselves might even have a back story all their own — adding to an even deeper experience.

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