Pitch Slams

Thursday, September 15th

Pitch Slams

1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Do you have dreams of becoming an author, fabric designer, illustrator, gift designer or magazine writer? This year THE CREATIVE CONNECTION is excited to offer the opportunity to help make your dream a reality by hosting a Pitch Slam! A Pitch Slam is a fun, fast-paced event that lets you pitch your literary or product idea to a panel of professionals in each field, and receive immediate feedback and expert suggestions for improving and refining your idea. This is a unique opportunity to not only pitch your idea, but to get” face time” with experts, tips on marketing your work and a chance to find professional representation. THE CREATIVE CONNECTION Pitch Slam is divided into the following categories:

Pitch to become a children’s book author and/or illustrator
Pitch to become a cook book author
Pitch to become a craft book author
Pitch to become a designer for a craft/paper company
Pitch to become a designer for a gift company
Pitch to become a designer for a textile/licensing manufacturer
Pitch to become a guest on a TV show
Pitch to turn a crochet or knit project into a commercial pattern/product
Pitch to write for a print or on-line magazine

• Each category is limited to only 9 pitch slots. These slots will be selected in a random drawing.
• Applications for the Pitch Slam will be taken on our website until August 1, 2011, noon, EST.
• The selected participants will be announced on August 2, 2011.
• There is no fee to apply, but each person chosen for a Pitch Slam slot is required to pay a $100 non-refundable, non-transferable, reservation fee no later than August 5th, 2011.
• You may enter only once in each category, but you may enter in more than one category.
• If your name is drawn for more than one category, the fee applies to each category.
To enter, please click on the Pitch Slam title(s) above that you would like to enter, and leave your name and contact information in the comment box!

The last hour of the Pitch Slam switches to a roundtable format where participants have the opportunity to speak with authors who have been published and artists who have had product licensed. On a more casual, intimate level, participants can ask questions of creative entrepreneurs in their field who have been through the process and successfully marketed their art!

Knowing that you may be presenting to industry leaders takes your dreams closer to reality. THE CREATIVE CONNECTION is here to cheer you on as you reach for it! Stay tuned for details on experts and specific pitch requirements. Start honing those great ideas so you can take advantage of this fabulous opportunity!

General guidelines for Pitch Slam participants:
You should be prepared to address all of these key points with the experts!

1. Do your research!
2. Know your intended audience and market. Who will buy your title/product?
3. Will you meet a wide demand, or perhaps a regional niche that is growing?
4. Know your companies. Which ones have successful title/product categories that are compatible with your proposal? Which ones are publishing/producing your favorite titles or products? Do you fill a niche that is missing in their product mix?
5. Know your competition. Who are the other artists/designers/authors who are successful in your area of interest? Can you offer something that is different from what they offer?
6. If you currently have other work published or in the marketplace,
be prepared to share how you self-promote: trade shows, online, at other events?
7. How can you help in the marketing approach? Do you have a blog, website, or other contacts that will help with promotion? Have you had any national press, or TV, web, or radio appearances?
8. Think about your title, whether it be for a book or product. Remember that branding is incredibly important-most successful products have strong branding and name recognition.
9. Be focused and concise in your pitch.
10. Be unique! Fresh ideas can feel risky, and may not meet an immediate audience.
11. But, they have the potential to look innovative and quickly become a new trend!
12. Be enthusiastic! Your passion for what you do carries a lot of weight! If you believe in your idea, your confidence will help others believe in it!

FAQ’s/General Info

How do I know what to prepare and what to bring with me?
Each category will have slightly different requirements (product, photos, written proposal, pattern etc) so please read each category listing for more details (COMING SOON)
What should I wear?
Dress as you would for a job interview. Look professional and put together.
What should I expect when I arrive for the Pitch Slam?
Please arrive at least ½ hour before your assigned pitch time.
Our team will be there to check you in and direct you to the correct room for your category.
We will have a common area for you to hang out in until your time slot comes up.
What should I expect when I enter my Pitch Slam room?
You will have a few minutes to prepare once you enter the room.
There will be a small table on which you may stage your items/notes.
Can I leave a written copy of my proposal and/or business cards?
Again, please see your individual category guidelines. (COMING SOON)
Will I be able to speak to the experts outside of my allotted Pitch Slam slot?
Some experts may invite you to speak with them outside of the Pitch Slam,
but please be respectful and let them approach you.

Here is a GREAT website for Pitch Slam pointers from Backpocket Biz:http://backpocket.biz/pitch-slam-pointers/