Big Bowl of Tomatoes – 3 great recipes

Creamy Velvet Tomato

Do you have an abundance of tomatoes from your garden? More than you know what to do with? Or do you simply need some inspiration and a few new tomato recipe ideas? If you love tomatoes and want to expand your recipe repertoire then join Cristina Ferrare, author of Cristina Ferrare’s Big Bowl of Love for a demonstration of 3 fabulous and easy recipes using tomato as the main ingredient. Cristina will guide you, step by step, on how to make Fresh Tomato Sauce, Bruschetta, and a Creamy Velvety Tomato Soup. And then, sit and enjoy the results of her labor with a sampling of each dish.  These 3 mouthwatering dishes will surely be enjoyed by you and your family and friends.

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Bread the MaryJane Way


Not so very long ago, bread was made using only two ingredients: flour and water. Naturally leavened bread, without chemical rising agents and baker’s yeast (one variety of yeast singled out) was the authentic staple of our great-grandma’s generation. MaryJane’s SUPER-SIMPLE 1 minute a day, 5 minutes on Saturday method, using equipment you probably already have on hand, will revolutionize your bread making. The idea behind Bread the MaryJane Way is one of good health. Baking bread using your own sourdough starter is better for you because the starter pulls in wild yeast spores familiar to your body from the air and plants that surround you. Sourdough enhances your immune system. Here’s how: Phytic acid (phytin) in grain needs to be neutralized in order for the nutrients to be absorbed by the human body. In naturally leavened bread (sourdough), the phytin is neutralized by natural bacterial action and, to a lesser degree, by baking. But in yeasted breads, about 90 percent of the phytin remains. Perhaps this is the reason for the modern-day ground-swell of gluten intolerance. Furthermore, in naturally leavened bread, complex carbohydrates are broken down into more digestible simple sugars and proteins are broken down into amino acids so that your body has access to vital nutrients.  Using techniques that MaryJane has taught to hundreds of people, you’ll leave her workshop empowered (kits will be available for purchase) to create mouth-watering artisan sourdough breads in dozens of different styles and shapes, including bagels, baguettes, flatbread, ciabatta, fougasse, pretzels, panettone, pizza crust, focaccia, and more. And the best part? You’ll spend only minutes a day in your kitchen. If you think you know something about homemade bread, forget it—MaryJane’s approach takes bread-making to a whole new rise. In MaryJane’s chatroom (, “Bread the MaryJane Way” has close to 2,000 posts from women nationwide who are discovering the secrets to MaryJane’s sourdough magic.  ..more »

Crazy about Sweets: Cupcakes, Cookies and Cakes


Registration Closed. Learn from top selling cookbook author Krystina Castella how to make your own cupcakes, cookies, and cakes into tasty objects of art. In this workshop, Krystina reveals her recipe development and design process. She also teaches basic baking, building, and decorating techniques. You’ll have fun making crafty confections in playful flavors and shapes while adding finishing touches that render your creations unique. For creatives who enjoy playing in the kitchen, come explore the many opportunities sweets provide!

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Creating Fabulous Parties

tomkat studio - party class

Do you love throwing parties? Join Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio for tips and tricks on making your next gathering fabulous! Kim is a trend-setting party stylist and blogger who has quickly turned her original ideas into a thriving business. In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Choose a theme/color palette
  • Utilize our exclusive Party Planning Worksheet to organize your ideas/tasks
  • Use paper, crafting tools & materials to create easy decorations and finishing touches
  • Design stunning food/dessert displays using simple tips and tricks
  • Create your choice of party crafts to show off at your next event {choices will include banners, cupcake toppers, paper medallions & more}
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DIY Cheesemaking


Saturday afternoon registration closed. Saturday morning open. Do you harbor dreams of proudly making your own ricotta, chèvre, crème fraiche, Amish cup cheese, cottage cheese, and cream cheese? After a brief introduction to cheesemaking, Janet Hurst, Homemade Cheese author, will then demonstrate how to make fresh mozzarella cheese. Afterwards, workshop participants will make their own cheese. All supplies and materials, including farm-fresh milk, will be provided. Participants will take home their finished cheese along with a recipe or eat it on the spot, served with bread and crackers. Additional supplies (kits) will be available for purchase as well as Janet’s book, Homemade Cheese. The workshop will run 90 minutes. Workshop is limited to 12 participants.

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Edible Images: Food Photography and Styling that Make People Want to Eat Your Photographs


A great food photograph can often be the missing link to bringing your blog up to the next level of success. Covering both the importance of creative storytelling and technical digital photography techniques, this workshop will cover basic lighting, understanding of post-process editing, and gear to creative composition. Essential topics on food styling such as how to make ugly food look pretty and the value of styling props will be included as well. Diane and Todd will demo a live food shoot from storyboarding, to lighting, to food styling, to final shot.  ..more »

Five Super Nutritious Meals for Busy Crafting/Blogging Gals & Moms to Jump Start Your Creative Genius!


Looking for a healthier, happier, and sexier you? Stuck in a rut when it comes to healthy options for kids’ meals and snacks? With Julie, the Alkaline Sister, learn how to consciously nourish you and your family! If you’re too busy crafting or blogging to prepare healthy meals, or you need a good dose of inspiration for quick healthy recipes, this workshop will inspire you. Making meal time more fun and a lot healthier is the focus of this class, while providing you with added energy to follow your creative passion. Seasoned health-food blogger Julie Cove will inspire many creative ways to kick start a healthy routine for you and your family. With nourishing recipes for snacks and easy meals, tips for grocery lists, pantry makeovers, and how to get more veggies into your diet, you will be armed with a new approach for feeding you and your family consciously. You’ll perk up with five recipes for healthy meals to increase brain power, creativity, and overall energy. She’ll also explore gluten-free, nutrient-dense recipes. Julie will offer recipe demonstrations and lots of sampling, along with hands-on participation to make this workshop a must-do! From healthy green smoothies to omega-packed granolas to ideas for kids’ lunches, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to make more nourishing meals. Are you bursting with endless energy every day? Is your lifestyle and diet serving you? Or are you sitting at your computer, or in your creative studio, and feeling dreary? Want more healthful energy? Looking for creative ways to make meal time more exciting and healthy? This workshop is for you!  ..more »

Food as Medicine


Want to take control of your health and arm yourself with natural healing knowledge? Food as Medicine will show you how to make your kitchen a hub of healing energy. You’ll learn how to restore your body’s dietary wisdom, how your diet can help you prevent illness by eating the right things in the right amounts, and how you can balance your diet for optimum health. Food as Medicine is a 90-minute workshop that will show you how to prepare healing meals to cure what ails you. The instructor will explain how to use your diet to complement the healthcare you get from modern medicine. Learn the healing properties of various foods, collect and walk through recipes for common remedies, and discover the art of balancing food groups for a better body. Food as Medicine will show you that health is often no further than your kitchen, and no more mysterious than the contents of your refrigerator.    ..more »

Gluten-free Lifestyle


Registration Closed. If you’re making the switch to a gluten-free diet—congratulations! You’re embarking on a new life free of the complications of gluten intolerance. Embrace this new beginning by picking up tips on shopping and eating out, customizing your recipe collection, and cooking for a family of gluten and non-gluten eaters alike. Gluten-free Lifestyle is a two-hour workshop that will help you to transition to your new diet without feeling deprived. If you’re unsure about converting recipes, replacing flour, or searching for hidden gluten culprits in your cupboard, Gluten-free Lifestyle is the workshop you need. The instructor will guide you through traveling smart, eating in restaurants, reading between the lines on menus, and asking your waiter the right questions. You’ll go home with some tried-and-true recipes for gluten-free breads and desserts and learn how to adjust your diet to maintain a good nutrient balance. The instructor will also share her tips for cooking appetizing meals for a family of both gluten and non-gluten eaters. Let Gluten-free Lifestyle be your first step on the journey to a gentler and more satisfying diet!

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Going Vegan

vegan pantry pot pie

If you’ve ever thought of cooking vegan, then this is the class for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to change your diet completely, cook for someone who’s allergic to dairy, or just spice up your meatless Monday. It’s always handy to have a few vegan recipes up your sleeve. Let Kathy Hester, author of The Vegan Slow Cooker, show you just how easy it can be to make tasty vegan recipes that even meat-eaters and picky eaters will love. You’ll learn new recipes that are perfect for a quick weeknight dinner--and a few special night-in treats, too! In the class, you will find out about easy substitutes for meat, dairy, and eggs that you can use in some of your non-vegan favorite recipes, as well as in the new recipes you’ll learn. You'll also sample a few of these recipes so you'll know what favorites need to top your shopping list. Going Vegan is a two-hour workshop that will teach you what to look for on labels and what questions to ask in restaurants, plus you'll get tips and tricks to make your transition easier on you and your family. Whatever your motivation, Going Vegan will be your stepping stone to a lifestyle that supports your values while tantalizing your taste buds!  ..more »