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Based on my popular blog series about art journaling, this creative PLAY workshop is filled with painting, doodling, collage and freestyle lettering jumpstarts. We’ll play with different found objects and materials to make marks and I’ll show you how to build layers on visual journal pages in my graffiti style. You’ll learn about creating prints from handmade stamps and layering techniques for your mixed media creations. The last hour I’ll talk about how to create a blog series from idea creation to content generation and share techniques for creating engaging blog posts. In this workshop you get a little mix of art and business ideas. Check out my artJOURNALING daily blog series!
Students should bring to class:
  • 20 sheets misc. papers up to 12"x18" (examples: heavy drawing paper, copy paper, newsprint, black/white Xerox copies, watercolor, graph paper, envelopes, maps, USPS/Fedex tyvec envelopes, manila folders, magazine pictures, black paper, cardboard, ledger paper, painted papers, newspaper… things you have collected. Try not to buy any new paper)
  • two 1” foam brushes
  • plastic paint scraper {old hotel key}
  • adhesive - glue stick, Scotch brand OR Tombow roller double sided adhesive
  • water container
  • painting smock
  • Scissors

Additional materials fee: $40.00

Materials/kit fee payable to the instructor includes:
  • artJOURNALING daily collage kit - this is a paper kit with creative inserts, tabs, stickers and collage sheets for your journal.
  • acrylic or watercolor paint
  • Tulip fashion graffiti/fabric sprays
  • Tulip Slick dimensional paint
  • Printing plate
  • Mark making tool kit
  • Paper towels
  • Collage Pauge
  • India ink
  • Gesso
  • misc. paint brushes
  • Sharpie markers/Sakura gel pens/Prismacolor pencils
  • colored masking tape
  • duct tape sheets
  • Freezer paper
  • bookbinding tools - needles/waxed polyester/binder clips/awl
  • metal rulers
  • pens/markers/crayons/oil pastels
  • Stamps/stencils