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Naturally Sweet: Healthy Baking is Delicious Too!

Come explore the world of healthy baking (and eating!) with Green Market Baking Book author Laura Martin. Using natural sweeteners and whole grains, Laura will share the secrets of substituting healthy ingredients in your favorite recipes. You are encouraged to bring along your own recipes and Laura will show you how to make substitutions that are delicious as well as good for you (including many ideas for gluten-free baking and healthy kid’s snacks). In the workshop, you will make sweet, moist, Mexican chocolate cupcakes with the most creamy, delicious chocolate icing you can imagine—all without refined sugar! Come and learn this new way of baking. You, your family, and your body will appreciate it. Workshop agenda:

  1. Exploration of the idea of healthy baking.  Discussion of ingredients:  natural sweeteners, grains, and the use of local and organic produce. Question/answer about “Why local?” “Why organic?” “Why no sugar?”
  2. Make the chocolate icing for the cupcakes, put in ‘fridge to thicken.
  3. Substitutions: each participant will bring her favorite recipe and Laura will take each one and explain how to make substitutions to make it more healthy by using natural sweeteners, fewer fats, and less gluten.  She’ll also have suggestions for baking things that are vegan. This will include many demonstrations.
  4. Make the Mexican chocolate cupcakes. Ice when cool. Discussion of fun and interesting ways to decorate, including the use of edible flowers.
  5. Sit and enjoy the sweet results of our labor.