About MaryJanesFarm

MaryJanesFarm: Simple Solutions for Everyday Organic, grew out of the vision of MaryJane Butters after she realized her dream of owning a farm 25 years ago. She began by selling organic eggs, produce, and flowers, then blossomed into becoming an organic lifestyle pioneer. MaryJanesFarm is based on the simple constructs of community and self-sufficiency, all wrapped up in a package referred to as “the farmgirl way.” Never-ending devotion to an everyday organic lifestyle has helped the business grow from an organic farm to a successful mail-order business, a popular bed and breakfast, and a self-titled magazine, MaryJanesFarm. The concepts of responsibility and stewardship are furthered in her Pay Dirt Farm School and Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made). For a growing population of individuals and families striving to “go green,” MaryJanesFarm offers a practical assortment of resources and ways to get involved.